Tips for personal statements

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With university applications looming, many people question what should actually be going into the personal statement. There is no ‘secret’ formula, but there are certain things it is rumoured that universities like to see. Today, we will be sharing some tips about personal statements.


Tip #1 – ask others for advice

Teachers, friends and people who know you are the best people to read your personal statement as you redraft. As the ones who know you best, they will be able to see whether what you have written is the truest reflection of yourself. Make sure you choose people you trust and are comfortable with, who you know would give constructive criticism.


Tip #2 – show off a bit!

Remember, this is the main snapshot your potential university will have of you. If there is anything that your academic profile does not reflect, this is the opportunity to share it. Do a sport? Include it in your statement – universities are always looking for recruits for their teams! It is always good to highlight exactly why you are applying for a specific course, how you became interested in it and where this interest has developed.


Tip #3 – check, recheck and check again

Always make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct. It is a small thing, but it can make a significant difference to the professionalism of your statement. Especially if you are studying an essay based subject, this is key! Try to make sure the paragraphs flow better, so that the statement is cyclical – it should end in a similar manner to where it began.


Tip #4 – redrafting is your friend

In a discussion with some university students, it was mentioned how significant the differences are between the first draft of the personal statement and the final submission. Even if you feel like your first draft is fantastic, get someone to check it through and make any changes you feel are important. Even if it is minor changes, you can see the progression from a first draft to the final submission.


Tip #5 – always do a final check

When you upload to UCAS, make sure you have checked that the word and line count are correct, and everything you want is reflected in your statement. It should be the truest reflection of yourself, highlighting everything that suggests you are interested in your subject, and why you would like to go to university.


Although it can seem overwhelming, once submitted, you will feel so good about your personal statement! It is such a big achievement to submit, and foreshadows the success you could have in the future. We would love to know if you have any tips of your own that you would like to share with us too!

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