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We are working to provide a strong platform for personal progression for young people. We aim to bridge the gap between poor and rich through sustainable employment for future generations.

Our method, The Skills Launcher campaign!

It’s purpose is to increase employment in under 25’s through soft skills development.

  • The campaign is the formation of a programme that helps 150 young people into jobs per month. 
  • Throughout the campaign we will:
  • build digital portfolios for our young people
  • run tactile workshops
  • run workplace hackathons
  • match our young people with mentors
  • create an online community of young people ready to take the next step in their journeys.

The end result will be a programme that guarantees jobs for 150 young people every month

The campaign will last 6 months. We will go live with the campaign as soon as we have raised our minimum threshold for the month which is £20,000. Over the 6 months, the campaign will cost us £120,000. Please donate today!

Step 1.

Working with youth organisations like Livity, combined with the use of social media channels, and sites like Eventbrite, we will continuously bring in budding millennials to regular workshops.

Step 2.

Once the young people have experienced the BE Stock Market workshop, our dedicated team will create their online portfolio which demonstrates their skills and experiences. This is also a platform for active reflecting.

Step 3.

Mentors will work with our young people online and face to face to help them take the necessary steps to improvement.

Step 4.

We will organise business hackathon sessions in which small groups visit businesses to work on creative briefs. This allows exposure to new settings. (The growth zone is just outside the comfort zone). This presents recruitment opportunities to the businesses.

Step 5.

Bettering Education will keep strong relations with participating businesses. We will create an online community of ambitious young people, and the organisations who care for our cause. We will alert all stakeholders through this platform when someone takes on a new job!

Each step has soft skill focus as we believe that by harnessing these skills, we can unlock potential.

A great charity for a great cause!


Wonderful people hospitality was exceptional definitely would recommend

Khasin Muhudin

I would recommend anybody that wants to work on their confidence and wants to make a change in their community to join bettering education. I found that my experience was good and I learnt lots of things on the day

Kya Pemberton