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Bettering Education is a registered charity founded in September 2012 to help young people to build their confidence, and acquire relevant skills in the areas of communication, employment, leadership and soft skills. Bettering Education’s activities are designed to impact on the intellectual abilities and renewal process of young people. We also aim to address their multiple needs with a variety of activities including mentoring.


Bettering Education provides social engineering programmes to help young people to have a sense of self-respect, self-worth, pride and social responsibility. These interventions have become necessary because of increasing global connections, which are more visible than in the changing nature of relationships between young people and their sense of identity. They are most receptive to peer-pressure, waywardness and gang cultures, which affect their self-esteem and personal development.

We want every young person to be given the highest level of education 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Moving young people from POVERTY to PURPOSE!

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Our Purpose

Young people are our future. We exist to provide young people with the life skills necessary to avoid poverty and achieve their purpose.

We Need Your Support Today!

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