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Congratulation to the BE Employee of the Month!

Congratulations Amil on being employee of the month for January!

Amil is our Junior Project Manager & Digital Marketing Assistant and has been a part of this Bettering Education for four months. Amil always puts in 100% into everything he does. The time and effort he puts in has resulted in amazing work. He has displayed great enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally and has been working hard to gain the maximum benefit from this experience.

Another reason Amil is a valuable employee is his commitment to teamwork. He is always contributing to team meetings and discussions, and coming up with ideas to better the team's ability to tackle tasks.

We all agree that Amil is a hardworking individual that can communicate his ideas well in meetings. In this company punctuality and awareness are significant skills to have, and Amil shows these skills by always coming in on time to meetings.

Bettering Education held an elegant Christmas dinner party to celebrate all we have accomplished in the past two years despite the pandemic. We wanted to provide a positive event after the months of lockdown and a space to create good memories. At this christmas party, Amil had a lovely welcoming presence making all the guests feel welcome.

Here at Bettering Education we have multiple projects happening simultaneously and different deadlines to work around. Amil’s role as junior project manager suits him as he is able to juggle multiple projects displaying good time management and organisational skills. Amil is a leading example of a team player who shows willingness, consideration and reliability.

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