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Congratulations to the BE Employee of the Month!

Congratulations Hanan Lamaallam on being Employee of the Month for November! Hanan is a dedicated and creative employee with an excellent work ethic. She has a magnetic personality that allows her to communicate effectively and provide a secure, safe and friendly environment.

Hanan has excellent communication skills which is proven through her contributions during team meetings and events. This has enabled her to be a brilliant team player and valued member of the Bettering Education organisation. Her interpersonal skills give her the ability to talk and relate to everyone, making her an expert in networking with influencers and other members of the BE community. Her enthusiasm and energy is a perfect example of our values of Empathy, Energy and Excellence. During team meetings, her positive attitude and spirit motivates members of the team to perform to the best of their abilities. Hanan is also incredibly empathetic and allows everybody to be included during discussions and projects.

She is always willing to try new things and conquer any challenges in her way, her can-do attitude has always pushed the team through challenges.

She has excellent organisational skills and can always be counted on to create high-quality content on a timely basis. All of the content that she creates on Instagram and Tik Tok is informative and accessible for all ages.

A talented graphic designer and entrepreneur, who is incredibly focused and driven, her flair for creativity makes her the perfect person to produce beautiful designs and templates for her clients and for Bettering Education. Working for this company has given her more confidence in her social media abilities through short courses, developing knowledge that can be transferred to her own personal projects and future endeavours. During her time at Bettering Education, she has been able to gain valuable experiences in organising events and managing teams, which will help her in the future when she wants to grow her own business. Her desire to always better herself is truly inspiring and makes her a prime candidate for this award.

We hope that young people can look up to Hanan for the qualities that she possesses and take advantage of the experiences and resources we have to offer.

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